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Sunday 1 December 2013

Sleeping Computer: Energy Aware User - II

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: If you dont know what you are doing don't edit the registry. Also Urjas does not make any safety claims about any links and/or software listed here or otherwise. Please ensure compliance with your company's IT policies before proceeding

Last time we saw how activating the sleep mode can save up to 70% of computer's wasted power consumption in non IT companies. 

However, when it comes to the real deal the best option is to shutdown the systems overnight. This method is mostly not neglected to save the boot-up time or lack of knowledge rather the most common reason to avoid shutdown is losing the workspace session. The open files ... the half edited excel sheets ... the open browser tabs with the tips etc. Its exactly for this requirement that the "hibernate mode" exists. In terms of power saving the hibernate mode is as good as shutdown. All the data is written to the harddisk and the computer is turned off. But the entire session is saved as a temporary file and loaded back so that you find the computer exactly as you left it ... No loss of productivity nor energy ... win - win for all.
And if you  find that the hibernate mode is not active for you ... here is a link that can help. But as stated earlier it is best to ask the IT Team to take on from here to ensure compliance with your company's policy

Stand by consumption of monitors and desktops can also add up to a formidable amount if a large number of computers are available. As per numbers from Berkeley National Laboratory, a single desktop consumes on an average 2.84W even when turned off. One of the good practices in India is to use have switches next to sockets which allow to completely switch off appliances removing any standby consumption. It would be a good idea to continue with it and not adapt to the western practice of using switch free sockets.

The last and the most interesting part of computer shutdown EMO is that you not only save the computer's energy ... but by turning them off, the temperature rise is avoided and we save on the AC energy consumption as well. Now that you have risen to become an Energy Management Warrior, next time make sure that the computer sleeps.