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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Solar PV in India. Can it replace fossil fuels

Solar Photovoltaic technology is now a commercially matured technology. Skeptics still argue if it can be a game changer and drastically replace fossil fuels if not eliminate them completely.

Let us look at some interesting numbers

  • Crystalline Silicon Solar PV technology capital cost has reduced in price by 60% over the last 3 years. From a grid based incentive price of Rs. 18 per unit to the current rates of Rs. 7 per unit, this more than shows the trend in PV pricing with benefits of scale
  • Around 14 Lakh MW can be installed in an area less than half of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. By standard numbers that  produce around 2000 TWh ie around twice of India's requirement.
  • The catch here ... sun is only during the day. And we still dont have enough economical tech to store so much energy. So the only thing that stops us from going completely solar more than anything else is lack of a safe, economical and proved storage technology for the grid.
Please write back your views ... we would like to discuss

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